Deputy Disarro celebrates 20 years with the CCSO


Cpl. Alison Disarro celebrated her 20th year of service with the Collier County Sheriff”s Office (CCSO) and her 18th year at Naples High School as the Youth Relations Deputy. During her time at Naples High, she has kept the school safe, provided students with opportunities and has always been a role model. In addition, Disarro has many roles within the community.

“I run the Teen Leadership Academy program for the Sheriff’s Office,” Disarro said. “It’s for incoming seniors and kids that want to get involved in what we do in the community as well as the court system.”

The program helps students gain volunteer hours and become more connected to the justice system while opening doors for future careers in the court system. Working with students for two decades has helped Disarro gain mindful knowledge of today’s youth.

“No human being is the same as the one that’s going to walk through your door next,” Disarro said. “Everybody is so different in so many ways. You really have to treat each person as their own and be open minded.”

She studied criminal justice in college and was hired at a young age after graduating. Over the years, she has worked her way up the ranks. Disarro loves working with teens and supplying them with any guidance they may need. 

“What I love to tell kids is never forget where you came from,” Disarro said. “Always remember your roots whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, it’s going to teach you something in life. Never lose sight of that.”