The Kodak siblings have golf in their veins and it shows. Sam Kodak helped earn the boys team a spot at states this season, resulting in a third place finish. Eliza Kodak also traveled to states, competing individually, with a 14th place overall. 

“My goals for the future are to get a good degree and do well in school. Obviously golf is gonna be a big part of my life in school,” senior Sam Kodak said. “Also, [I want to] do well in golf and give it the best shot I can.”

Their goals have helped lay a blueprint for where they want to be in the future. At the same time these future goals have helped them to set closer, more short term goals.

“I really want to win states as an individual and make it back as a team,” junior Eliza Kodak said.

To do so, they have had to overcome some big challenges.

“I feel like our biggest challenge this year is going to [be] changing regions […] because now we don’t play more of the west side of Florida,” Sam Kodak said. “We have to go to the East now, and play all the Miami schools and those are mostly the powerhouses.”

Although the team was not confident with the new change, they were able to make the best of it.

“We were kind of doubtful going into regionals, but we obviously got there and ended up getting second place which pinched out tickets to states,” Sam Kodak said.

Eliza Kodak gave insight on what sets her apart from the rest, and why the coach nominated her as the best this season.

“I think I have a really good mental game and that I’m just well aware of everything going on around me,” Eliza Kodak said. “I’m [also] very respectful and have a lot of confidence. I’m having fun while I’m doing it.” 

Similarly Sam Kodak explained what has set him apart from the rest.

“I would think my drive, I’m pretty determined when I want something, and I never give up on it,” Sam Kodak said. “I think that kind of helps both in life and in golf.”

The drive they both have has not only impacted them in golf but has also affected their everyday lives

“[Golf has] made me want to work harder and [I will] definitely play in college,” Eliza Kodak said.

Golf is a mental sport. Oftentimes, the golfer’s biggest opponent is themselves. 

“I think I’ve got a good mind,” Sam Kodak said. “In golf, it’s all between the ears and you really can’t be [in] a bad mental [state].” 

Golf is a constant battle between oneself, so a strong mind is required. One piece of advice Sam Kodak was given by his coach really stuck with him.

“Just one thought at a time and you’ll do well as long as you believe in yourself,” Sam Kodak said.