The Naples High basketball team has had a triumphant regular season, but they aren’t done yet. 

Although they have a losing record, spirits are still up. Head Coach Garrett Hull’s goal was to make a state championship run this season. The basketball team is at the top of their division, so this goal is still in reach. 

“We won’t know if we’ve accomplished our goal, which is to make a state championship run, until we play our district tournament and have the chance to make a state title run,” Hull said. “This goal is definitely still plausible for this team. We are getting better and better each day.”

The first step to winning the state championship is to win the district. While the team has their hopes set on the state title, the district title is just as important.

“Our goal is to win district and then win states,” Assistant Coach Mike Giarratano said.

Every game this season has had an impact on the team. However, the most pivotal one was against district rival Barron Collier, only winning by one point. 

“Barron Collier was an important opponent for us this year,” Girratano said. 

The team’s talent is unmatched. Player Marques Leon was named winter athlete of the month by the Talon Tribune. Each player has had their own individual highlights and triumphs.

Fans are still coming out to the games as they watch their team make a campaign for the state title. 

“Against CSN, the height of that game was when Ghaith Farkoury hit five three-pointers,” sophomore Colby Wells said. “The lowest point is that they lost that game.”   

These players aren’t the only thing that makes this team what it is. The coaches provide the rest. As their regular season comes to a close, the post-season is beginning, and NHS has big hopes for these next few weeks.