Both the JV and varsity girls basketball teams use various social media outlets as a way to communicate and build stronger relationships. 

Samira Tapilova posted a TikTok minutes before a game with members of the team posing and smiling, while chanting “It’s game day!” The TikTok was posted as a way to shake off pre-game stress and share a few laughs.

“I always make TikToks to capture memories and remember them,” Samira said. “We were all laughing at ourselves when making the TikTok.” 

The girls also use apps like Snapchat or iMessage to have conversations with other teammates. These include everything from getting to know each other to sharing information about a current basketball game. 

“When we all followed each other on Snapchat, we were able to talk to each other out of practice and we could get together,” said senior and varsity player Teagan D’Elia and. “One time we went ice skating when I was a freshman.”

Outside of practice or games, the players only see each other around school, so social media makes communicating with one another convenient and accessible. 

“Social media provides an easy way to communicate with the whole team at once. We are able to ask questions that we might have and answer them too,” sophomore and varsity player Georgia Kent said.

Using social media to keep in touch with other teammates can build strong emotional connections and pay off in the long run when the girls need to rely on each other during a game. 

“We won last night’s game which was a big improvement for us, and a lot of that was because we were more communicative and we understood better things because of each other,” said freshman and JV player Chloe Jones