Bright Futures is a scholarship opportunity for students in many Florida high schools. To receive this scholarship, students need a certain number of service hours from volunteering around their community. Scholarships aside, students need a set number of hours to graduate and to add to their college applications. 

Naples High has a new program for logging service hours called Transeo. Upperclass students have experience in both the old and new program. This experience has no doubt created a list of favorite places to volunteer because of functionality and a sense of community. 

“My favorite place to volunteer in Naples is the Harry Chapin Food Bank,” senior Fay Ghorayeb said. “My neighbors avidly volunteered at Harry Chapin and invited me to come with them, the rest is history.”

Finding new places to volunteer can be difficult for some students. Every student has a list of priorities they search for when looking at new locations. Kylie McKernan’s favorite place to volunteer is opportunities through the KidsCAN club at Naples High.

“I found the places I most like to volunteer by hearing about them in the community,” junior Kylie McKernan said. “How they are impacting individuals [is another important aspect].”

Submitting service hours can seem like a complicated task at first, but after going over the process with a guidance counselor it’s just as simple as submitting an assignment. Transeo offers a simple way to submit and approve hours.

“You receive credit by submitting them to Transeo, the online database,” McKernan said. “Where your counselor approves that the service hours are acceptable and the leader of the organization confirms that you did them.”

Helping the less-fortunate is the number one goal of most non-profits in Naples. The goals of some organizations can persuade students to volunteer at those places.

“An environment where you are inclined to return is what makes a good place to volunteer,” Ghorayeb said. “Whether that be good volunteers, good managers or a good cause.”