The Florida Invasive Fish Round-up is taking place at Bass Pro Shop in Fort Myers. The Southwest Florida CISMA is hosting the event and Naples High’s fishing club is excited to be in attendance.

“Our club focuses on entering local and inter-school tournaments, scholarship opportunities through CCA and educational opportunities through FWC,” Fishing Club President Heidi McLean said.

The club also informs the members of other activities such as the 24th annual Gene Doyle tournament that took place on April 22-24 by the CCA Florida Youth Scholarship Program.

“Students can attend any of the Friday meetings or come visit Mrs. McEachern in her room if you are interested,” McLean said.

The cabinet consists of Heidi McLean, Sabyne Brisson, Corbin Cartwright and Kaylan Blume, all of which help club sponsor Mrs. McEachern with meeting activities.

“My most memorable moments in the club are the raffles we hold each meeting, the pumpkin patch fundraiser we held last October and the amazing opportunities for tournaments such as the Invasive Species Round Up,” McLean said.

The club’s mission statement is to teach members about ethical angling and conservation to make environmentally-conscious decisions. The hope is to create confident and responsible fishers.

“Students should join the fishing club because it is a great atmosphere to learn how to fish and get equipment to do so,” McLean said. “If you already know how to fish it is a great place to find opportunities for tournaments and prizes, as well as make new friends.”