Unrealistic expectations for hair styles has led to the assumption for different hair types. The goal is to find the correct style of hair you have and learn how you can treat it using these tips.

Straight Hair

Straight hair is considered one of the most low maintenance hair types due to its steady growth. Nonetheless, there are many treatments for this hair type to keep it healthy and moisturized. 

“The masks I use are the Shea Moisture and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration hair mask, which help hydrate my hair and keep it from being dry and damaged,” freshman Hira Azhar said. “I also use the Manuka Honey and Olaplex No. 3, which put protein in my hair to make it stronger and not cause such heavy breakage, because my hair tends to break since it’s up all day.”

Although treatments and products after wash day are essential, it is important to maintain that state so that the treatment’s effects do not go away. 

“I use a satin pillow so my hair isn’t frizzy the next morning,” Azhar said. 

Curly/Wavy Hair

Curly and wavy hair require closely related treatments, but there are different curl types that need specific care. People who fit in this category are 2b to 3c hair types (if you don’t know your hair type, look at the hair type chart). 

I use a rice water treatment 2-3 times a week made by my Hairitage,” freshman Karen Escobedo said. “It helps my hair feel soft and has helped me with growing my hair both in thickness and length.” 

After washing the hair (wash day), it is crucial to apply products to encourage curls. Many people use the Denman brush to form their curls and help clump them, but there is a technique involved in using this, so videos are recommended.

I put curl cream by Hairtage and use Eco Gel if I’m going out,” Escobedo said. “If not, I add aloe vera gel just for home days to keep it from becoming a nest.” 

A main thing that is important for curl and wavy heads to do is make sure they don’t get frizzy. Azhar and Escobedo emphasize that satin materials like a bonnet or pillowcase keep hair from frizzing, and they add oil to minimize volume.

Coiled Hair

Along with curly hair types, coiled hair requires high maintenance as well. This hair type tends to be more dry, so it is essential to keep it moisturized. 

“I would put on BioKeratin conditioner and leave it on for 5 minuites,” junior Esmir Ramirez said. “I wash it odd and then dry my hair.”

Deep conditioning is important, as it increases hydration in the hair and gives it nutrition to make it healthier and help with growth. Routines are important with curly hair: after washing (while hair is still wet), applying product and/or using materials for this hair type are important to keep it from looking at its worst.

“I would wet my hair, put on hair gel and use M sponge Brush to do the curls on my hair,” Ramirez said. “I would recommend to people to avoid touching their hair.”