As regular spring sports come to a close, the spring football season begins. While NHS fall football was successful, the team looks to rebuild in the spring to gain momentum for summer training and the 2022 fall season. 

The spring season started Monday, April 25, with athletes getting their pads and helmets and starting practices out on Staver Field the following day. After the first week of spring, practicing is scheduled for four days a week throughout the season. 

“Spring football is all about the basics and fundamentals,” head coach Richard Martin said. “For this spring, we want to come out healthy and ready to go for summer. If we can learn a little football, that will be a plus.”

Since seniors typically do not participate in the spring football season, the team lacks some of the strength seen this past fall. Despite the absence of the talented senior class, the team looks to build off their previous success and continue training a new generation of athletes. 

“You will never be able to replace talent and leadership like Devin Moore, Stanley Bryant, Jake Tudor, Andrew Saint Fleur, etc, but we have some good, young talent that will need to step up this spring,” Martin said. 

The focus of the spring season for the team will not primarily be to win the spring game but instead to focus on the upcoming fall season that includes a multitude of competitive varsity games. The summer training is very important to players and coaches alike in preparing and completing quality training before the fall.

“Although we are only playing one game, we still practice just as rigorously in the spring as we do in the fall,” freshman football player Samuel Saguto said. 

The team looks to refine skills, with players looking to memorize plays and constantly improve, all while coaches aim to guide their athletes through a healthy and productive season.

“The team is dedicated to doing great so we always give our best effort at every practice,” Saguto said. “I hope that the hard work we are putting in at practice will allow us to have a successful spring season.”