After Hurricane Ian hit Naples on Sept. 28, severe damages to homes, powerlines, and vehicles caused NHS Homecoming events to be canceled. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) and administration quickly worked together to establish the new dates for the Homecoming game and dance. 

“Once we realized the game [and] dance were probably going to be canceled, administration and I made several back up plans for when and how we could do the game and dance,” Head Advisor of SGA Lauren Meinert said. 

Spirit Week was another major concern for students. SGA collaborates and decides the dress up days for the week prior to the Homecoming football game and dance. With damages from Hurricane Ian taking significant time off of school, students were worried they would not be able to reschedule. 

“Once I heard the dance and game were not happening, I assumed Spirit Week wouldn’t happen either,” Junior Class Treasurer Caprice Morley said. “I’m so glad I got to work with Mrs. Meinert to work everything out so the student body would feel somewhat back to normal after this devastating event.” 

The Homecoming football game will be on Oct. 21 with the dance the following day. Spirit Week is Oct. 18 through Oct. 21. Considering previous student body opinions, spirit day themes have been altered since Hurricane Ian hit. 

“Tuesday is Tropical Day, Wednesday is Greek life, Thursday is Holiday Day and Friday is NHS spirit,” Junior Class Vice President Molly Vickaryous said. “We changed Jersey Day to Holiday Day based on student dislike for it being used in previous years. As a member of SGA, my team and I always try to listen to the students and make them as happy as possible. It’s our job to represent them in these difficult times.”