The stress of finding the right outfit for the Homecoming dance can skyrocket. Shopping can take hours if someone is looking in the wrong places, but many students already have everything prepared and are ready to help others find the perfect dress for their special day. 

“For dresses, I would recommend Hello Molly, Lucy in the Sky and Revolve,” senior Lily Purse said. “Even though they’re online stores, [they] all have pretty dresses that aren’t too pricey.” 

Although the dress is the main part of the outfit, accessories such as shoes and jewelry are just as important. These small additions can elevate a look to another level while also being simple. Stud earrings, dainty necklaces and small bracelets are all accessories that are easy to find at stores.  

“My dress is quite simple because I wanted my jewelry to be the center of attention,” junior Samira Tapilova said. “I bought multiple necklaces from Windsor and my shoes from Dillards.” 

The theme of the 2022 Homecoming dance is “Under the Sea.” The gym will be covered with ocean decor, and matching the theme is something that most students don’t take into account before shopping. 

“My dress is sparkly and white,” freshman Makena King said. “I got it from Macy’s and technically it’s not matching the ocean/sea theme, but the sparkles reflect the color of whatever light hits it.” 

Homecoming is all about welcoming students to the new school year and having fun. Being able to get fancy and dance with friends all night is a reward for students. It also aims to motivate them to work hard all year to be able to attend.

“I loved shopping for my outfit, and I can’t wait for the dance,” Tapilova said. “Homecoming has become my favorite school event, as well as the football game the night before.”