The National Honor Society (NHS) Induction Ceremony was held in the auditorium on Nov. 17 to induct the chapter’s newest members. 

NHS seeks to recognize outstanding student achievement across a wide spectrum of academic excellence. The society’s official principle is to create a national organization where enthusiasm for scholarship, a desire to better the lives of others, leadership and the growth of character are supported. 

“[The mission of NHS] is to serve the four pillars to promote leadership, service, academics, and community service,” NHS Sponsor Frederic Laderer said.  

To be considered for the NHS, prospective juniors and seniors are required to have at least a 4.0 weighted GPA and a completed application. After the application is submitted, a panel of representatives from each of the academic departments (English, math, science and social studies) conducts a review and either recommends the student, dismisses their application or raises concerns that are then addressed by the committee as a whole. 

After going through the rigorous application process, accepted members are honored by a ceremony, marking the beginning of their entrance into this respected society. 

“Being accepted into [the] National Honor Society was a huge honor for me, especially last night,” junior and new member Sophie Scherer said. “It felt surreal.” 

The night included an array of inspirational speeches by Laderer, Principal Kristina Lee and the NHS board. They welcomed the new members and spoke about the society’s dedication to developing future leaders. The board includes President Nicholas Fredette, VP Pro Shop Julie Sanders, VP Service McKnight Welzbacher, VP Tutoring Julia Begossi and VP Campus Beautification Tamara Sanchez. 

“The ceremony was great and really interesting with the candelabra and fantastic speakers. Mrs. Lee and Mr. Laderer had great advice for us all on our future and an introduction to the importance of the society,” Scherer said. “I hope to gain a supportive group of people with similar goals as mine to help our community and excel as a Golden Eagle.” 

Students on the board assisted with the NHS tradition of lighting candles that represent each of the society’s values.

“I was very happy to follow the Naples High tradition of the candlelight ceremony as we all lit our candles from the candle of ‘Knowledge and Truth’,” junior and new member Cole Perkins said. 

The students are looking forward to a year of volunteering and bettering the community, marking their own footsteps in the society’s history of service. They hope to gain valuable skills along the way and build lasting memories with their peers. 

“Being part of NHS means upholding the standards that are presented and by volunteering my time for specific events. It also means that I will be a great role model at all times,” Perkins said. “I hope to gain more leadership experience and more volunteer experiences. I love volunteering in the community and am looking forward to helping in any way possible.”