AP English Language and Composition teacher Cody Seevers has left his position at Naples High School, moving to Georgia to be closer to family members and for new opportunities. 

Seevers has developed many connections and relationships with the students, faculty and staff members during his tenure at NHS. 

“I’m going to miss the people the most –  the students, the coaches, the teachers and everybody I’ve worked with on a daily basis,” Seevers said. 

Throughout his years teaching, Seevers ensured that all of his students were on track and made sure that he could help every student as much as he could. 

“Some of the memories that I have was he was always friendly when you were having trouble on something,” senior Addison Klonowski said. “When you were absent one day, he would always make sure you catch up on the work.”

Seevers always gave time in class to work on assignments and rarely gave out homework assignments. If someone didn’t finish the work assigned in class, they could take it home to complete. 

“Mr. Seevers had a good learning curriculum to the point where you’d learn a lot but also have enough time to finish all your work and be able to focus on other things afterwards,” senior Kenza Allen said. “He didn’t give out unbearable work loads.”  

Seevers tried to get to know every student at the beginning of the year and had a connection with each. His class was calming and laid-back due to the amount of work that was given. He gave out less work but made sure all students understood everything.

“As a teacher, Mr. Seevers was by far one of the easiest teachers to like,” senior Tamara Sanchez said. “He had something about his personality that clicked with all of his students. He always made jokes and had a serious but not so serious mood all the time, but at the end of the day, he was always happy.”

Moving to a different state and teaching at a new school can cause some anxiety, especially when there is uncertainty about the people and culture of the school. 

“I’m nervous about the switch,” Seevers said. “Unfortunately, it [just wasn’t] the best timing, but I think it’ll be okay. It’s not ideal but [it’s] what we have to do.”

Seevers has grown familiar with the environment of Naples High and hopes he will find a similar one when he moves to work at his new school. 

“I just want to find a nice place and somewhere that’s close to the culture of the family that we have here at Naples High School,” Seevers said.

Even if it involves moving halfway through the year, Seevers recognizes that there are still benefits to moving to another state. Sometimes a change of scenery is helpful after living in the same environment for quite some time.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and [having] a new situation, seeing what I can bring [and] not sweating all day in 95 degree weather,” Seevers said.

As his former classes get ready to adjust to these new circumstances, Seevers wishes to encourage each one of his students to continue moving forward with their preparation for the end of course AP Exam. 

“I think I’d tell them just to keep plugging along, do the work, trust the process and it’ll all work out,” Seevers said. “I think the students are going to do great and everything’s going to work out.”