The NHS IncubatorEdu Business Ownership classes hosted their final sales pitches on Friday, Apr. 13.

Products ranged from inflatable hoodies to personalized computers.

The winning product went to the group with the idea of Spilk, which was a spoon that can mix milk in cereal so it doesn’t get soggy. The team will now move on to present their sales pitch at Hodges University.

In groups, the students brainstormed and came up with a product, company, and business plan.

“The students work together to learn about product development, developing a product, how to produce it, sell it, and then pitch it,” said Ms. Lorenz.

The presentations included each group’s ideas on how they’d sell and promote their products, how it compared to competing companies, profit and other finances, and what their exit strategy would be if they wanted to sell their company.

After preparing all year, the presentations were given to a panel of local businesses leaders.

Community business leaders asked the groups questions about their products and then gave feedback and advice. They also asked the groups questions to give them something to think about before letting their product hit the market, such as patenting their products.