The girls junior varsity (JV) basketball season has begun, and players on the team are adapting to the balance between both academics and sports. 

Within the first couple weeks of the season, the freshmen girls have noticed challenges regarding building a bond with each other. 

“Some challenges facing the team are that we don’t know how to talk to each other without arguing,” freshman Jewel Paulson said. 

While the season had a rough start, the girls have readjusted their strategies to ensure more success on the court, working on building more of a community and strengthening interpersonal skills. 

“I feel that to have a successful season, you need to be connected with your team on and off the court, have a positive attitude and always put in effort,” freshman Alizabeth Kuenzle said. 

Just like other sports, having a strong bond with teammates makes not only playing more efficient but also allows the opportunity to establish new friendships. This environment can give players someone to practice with, improve with and even build healthy competition with. Having teammates as close friends helps with establishing a stronger connection within the team. 

“Some ways we can build our chemistry is to go to the beach, bowling, movies or even go to one another’s house and play some games,” freshman Nevia Eqouard said.

Simple outings outside of school and practice could help improve the girls’ connection and overall game communication. They hope that this strategy, with a combination of all the weight training, practice drills and agility work, will create a more successful basketball season.