Freshman Sofia Cuellar is active in many extracurricular activities at Naples High, both in and outside the classroom. Most notably, she serves as left back, right back and center back on the girls varsity soccer team. Her spectacular technical skills helped the team win two games and reach a tie so far this year. 

Cuellar first began her soccer career in first grade. Having played soccer for 10 years, she has learned and perfected her way with a soccer ball. 

“She would train almost every day at the soccer field and practice on skills that she needed to work on,” freshman and twin sister Isa Cuellar said.

She says that a lot of her coaches have helped her improve as an individual player with her fitness and training. 

“Like every player, Sofia is expected to give a lot of energy, have a positive attitude and develop into a leader on and off the field,” Head Coach Adam Weikel said.

Aside from soccer, Cuellar is also part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, one of the many clubs offered at NHS. On Thursdays, they gather during lunch, play games and discuss Christianity. 

In terms of her long-term goals, Cuellar hopes to make it to states with her team this season. The goal she sets for herself is to improve as a player overall, though her coach and twin sister say her only weakness is her knee. 

“I want to go to college for soccer, hopefully Division 1, maybe even pro,” Cuellar said. 

Cuellar’s inspiration are her older siblings, but more specifically, her older sister Maria Cuellar, who is no longer able to play soccer.

“All of my older sisters play soccer. I grew up watching them play,” Cuellar said. “My older sister Maria was especially good until she tore her ACL and she couldn’t play anymore. So I want to make it far for her. She’s my inspiration.”