Junior Lucy Froitzheim serves many important roles within the Naples High School community. Most notably, she serves as captain and center midfielder for the girls varsity soccer team. Her amazing leadership skills helped the team make it to the state championship this past soccer season for the first time in school history. 

Soccer has been Froitzheim’s hobby ever since she was little, having played for the past 13 years. 

“I love to spend my free time at the fields to practice soccer,” Froitzheim said. “I always try to better myself on the field.”

Froitzheim, similar to many student athletes, finds trouble in balancing both school and social life, but has successfully found a solution to her busy schedule. 

“Balancing soccer, work and friends is difficult at times, but I really try to plan in advance to make sure I can fit everything in,” Froitzheim said. “I try to go to the fields every weekend to practice soccer, which would be before or after I work. Usually after work, I will go and hang out with friends.”

Other than soccer, one of Lucy’s favorite things to do is spend quality time with her friends and take a break from her hectic schedule by going to the beach with friends.

Unlike those who look up to celebrities or influencers as role models, Lucy looks up to her grandma for her bravery and generosity. 

“My grandma is an inspiration to me mostly because of how fearless she is and how she is so willing to help others,” Froitzheim said. “She always has hope and faith which is very inspiring.”

After high school, Froitzheim wants to continue to grow her love for soccer and sports in general. 

“After high school I am planning on going to college and playing college soccer,” Froitzheim said. “I want to become a sports interviewer and will head into communications in college.”

Through her contributions to the Naples High School girls soccer team, Froitzheim has established herself as a crucial teammate and dedicated player. These qualities remained evident to coaches and players alike throughout the 2022 season.

“She’s really stepped into the leadership role,” Coach Adam Weikel said. “The last couple years from her freshman year to this year she’s become that not only visible leader on the field, but vocal leader as well.”