Kathleen Swingley teaches the Naples High School preschool program on campus called Little Eagles. Swingley has been the manager of this program for 25 years. Not only is she working with children ages 3 to 5-years-old, but also manages high schoolers. 

Swingley has a bachelor’s degree in vocational home economics. Naples High School is fortunate to be one of the few schools in the school district to offer childcare learning.

“It’s part of family and consumer science and when this position opened up I jumped on it,” Swingley said.

Ever since, she has enjoyed her decision to tackle the program; furthermore, developing and sharpening her organization skills with hard work.

“It is a tremendous amount of organization,” Swingley said. “Everything is based on organization by rotations [of high schoolers] and the Little Eagles’ schedule.”

How does she do it? Swingley juggles quite a lot of work, but still gets everything done and is available for anyone who needs help-whether it is a toddler needing help with opening a cup of applesauce or a senior needing help with their assignment.

“I like to say I get the best from both worlds,” Swingley said.

She has given so many opportunities to each individual who does early childhood. In this program, she takes part in giving students an opportunity to get their CDA (Child Development Associate) during their four years of high school, and NHS takes care of all the expenses.

Through her high school and Little Eagles classes, Swingley is always there for everyone and puts others before herself. Something Swingley looks forward to each year is building a strong connection with high schoolers and Little Eagles.

“I really enjoy meeting and seeing the students and their interest levels, the upper levels especially when they earn their CDA because you see them grow from a childcare one to a childcare four, and seeing the students becoming successful,” Swingley said. “And for the Little Eagles when they don’t understand something or doing something for the first time and to see their faces glow from what they just did makes my day.”