Starbucks cafes have plenty of delightful drinks to choose from on their menu for coffee, refreshers, teas and more. Some students have found their way past the standard menu and discovered an exclusive “secret menu” where unique creations are designed. 

Butterbeer Frappuccino

For Harry Potter fan addicts, trying a Butterbeer Frappuccino may only be possible by a visit to The Three Broomsticks when dreaming. However, the wondrous secret menu makes the Butterbeer dream come to life. When trying the Frappuccino, the flavors of a sweet cream soda along with caramel and butterscotch can be tasted. 

  • Order a grande creme Frappuccino – only 100% milk is available for this drink 
  • Add three pumps of caramel syrup and three pumps of toffee nut syrup
  • Add a caramel drizzle on top 

“I have been getting the Harry Potter Butterbeer Frappuccino for years now and it’s one of my favorites,” senior Matthew Hammel said. “It’s a very sweet drink and perfect for the exciting days summer will bring.”

The Violet Refresher

The Violet Refresher is an exemplary drink for summer. With hints of hibiscus, coconut, strawberries and blackberries, it is sure to be a refreshing drink. It is a great go-to choice, especially before a relaxing beach day. 

“I created this drink with some inspiration from the past summer’s ‘violet drink’ which I had really enjoyed, but I wanted to make it more refreshing,” junior Alana Harris said. “It’s one of my best creations and I love that I’m able to order this due to the secret menu.”

  • Order a venti Very Berry Hibiscus refresher
  • Add coconut milk (can be substituted with lemonade)
  • Add two scoops of strawberries
  • Request it be shaken together then poured over ice

Honey Peach Freeze

Sweet, ripe and juicy fruit is a must for the tropical summer days ahead. Lemonade and peach combined as a blended icy freeze allows for a cooling sensation on the balmy summer days with hints of honey for natural sweetness. The Honey Peach Freeze goes very well with a side of lemon cake or blueberry muffin.

  • Order a venti blended lemonade 
  • Add peach juice and a splash of guava juice
  • Add four pumps of honey blend 
  • Add agave
  • Top with vanilla sweet cream foam and toasted honey toppings

“Honey Peach Freeze is the best drink I have had from Starbucks, and I could’ve sworn I created it until I saw something similar online,” junior Emma Bookman said. “The honey and peach go really well together and I know that I’ll be having it every other day in summer.”

There are many different combinations and flavors available at Starbucks, along with several great drinks that are just on the standard menu. The secret menu is always available as long as the ingredients and directions are told to the barista. 

“The Starbucks secret menu is a great way to unleash creativity and create unique drinks that taste amazing,” Hammel said. “I will be creating some new drinks this summer and can’t wait to try them and see what they’re like.”