The option to get the Covid-19 vaccine has recently become available to people 16 years of age and older in the United States with parent or guardian approval. Since this change, Collier County health professionals have been bombarded with questions about which vaccine to get, how effective it really is, and the risks that come with it. 

“As of today, I recommend everyone gets vaccinated,” Landmark Hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Kenneth Bookman said. “So far there are no serious side effects to the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.” 

But with the vaccination comes a risk of possible side effects.  

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has caused blood clots to form in the brain in some cases,” Nurse Nicole Bishop-Tregea said. “I would definitely recommend the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine before the Johnson & Johnson.” 

Some Collier County residents are hesitant to get vaccinated because of the possible side effects that can come with it.

“After hearing about how the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could cause blood clots, I was unsure if I wanted to get the vaccine at all.” Naples High School junior, Nathaly Barba said. “After talking to my doctor, I now feel more comfortable about getting the Pfizer vaccine.”

Another question being asked is if you have to wear a mask after being fully vaccinated. Since wearing a mask is an annoying necessity, will the vaccine be able to fully protect us from the virus?

“Absolutely we have to continue wearing masks,” Dr. Bookman said. “The vaccines work but people have still acquired Covid after being vaccinated. Roughly 10% of these cases have resulted in casualties.”