The game is tied, the football team has rallied back in the second half against a rival and is now setting up for a field kick late in the game — the ball is kicked perfectly — an NHS player punts it into the field goal for the Eagles to take the lead. 

Not even a thousand words would describe what that moment meant to the team, to the player who scored or to the deflated opponents — but one picture might. 

Junior Joe Bellini is the man trying to capture those types of moments this year. During this past year, Bellini has been going to sporting events and taking pictures of the athletes during the games. 

“I took on photography [because] it was a passion I found through someone I really learn from and look up to, Coach Martin,” Bellini said. “I started filming for him and realized that I loved photography and videography as time went on.” 

This love of photography has taken him to capture moments of athletes during action. He soon realized photography could be great help for others as well. 

“I decided to use my skills for my friends and our athletes who wanted photos,” Bellini said. “I thought it would just help me practice what I like doing.”

Bellini enjoys the opportunity to pursue his passion with the photos of his friends and many other students. 

“My favorite part of photography would most definitely be the ability for opportunity,” Bellini said. 

Through the last year, Bellini has taken many pictures of numerous athletes. One athlete is Max Peresetsky, a freshman football player. 

“Joe and I met because of football,” Peresetsky said. “I see Joe giving the athletes motivation to play better with his photographs.”

Freshman Coach Kyle Lindquist is known for helping the new high schoolers with football. He also considers Bellini a great component on the field for the freshman football team, motivating the players to reach new successes during games. 

Joe’s photos give the athletes confidence and make them feel like they are successful when they step on the field,” Lindquist said. “Joe is a very creative and driven young man, and he is able to put his ideas into many forms.”

In addition to his ventures in school athletics, Bellini applies his videography and photography skills to new opportunities and events. 

“I don’t only cover sports, but weddings, photoshoots and other types of events,” Bellini said.