Participation among school activities is one of the many things that allows students to get most out of the traditional high school experience. Without events such as homecoming and football games, high school wouldn’t be the same. If students should be involved in anything during their years at school, participation in school sports is the most important.

Not only do school sports allow for students to have the best high school experience, but they also have factual benefits that trail along with them. One of these would be the result of higher GPAs in students active in team sports, according to “The Benefits of Physical Activity.”

Given that there are proven benefits to team sports, there is every reason to play a sport at your school. The same article also stated that teens who participated in team sports were also less likely to use drugs, carry weapons or smoke cigarettes. 

Many critics say that school sports can put a burden on time management given the long practices and games involved in some sports; however, from first hand experience, at least one sport throughout the year can easily be managed while also maintaining good grades and a good mentality. As a student athlete myself, I have found it much easier to connect with new people and make new friends while participating in sports at my school.

Joining sports at my school has allowed me to build relationships with others who have helped me tremendously. Not only have the friends I have made through sports guided me through school and its challenges, but also with obstacles throughout my personal life. Simply through joining a sport I have easily been able to connect with others and improve myself along the way.

Nowadays it is easier than ever for students to sign up for sports and contribute to their school spirit. Therefore, it is imperative for students to be engaged in sports, no matter their skill level.