Relationships have become a societal norm and have turned into an expectation rather than a choice. In many peoples’ beliefs, finding a partner is a key factor in being successful and happy in life. This creates pressure on young people that not being in a relationship will cause sadness and regret, but in many cases, it is just the opposite. As views change, many are beginning to see a new light. In fact, there has been an unprecedented rise in people who remain single.

Many do not enjoy the complexity of being in a relationship – having to tend to the struggles of your own life in addition to your partner’s is quite the feat. Others might simply want to focus on themselves and improve as a person. Whatever the reason, it is apparent that some are clearly happier without a partner than with.

The lifestyle of a relationship is not for everyone. In order to have a partner, there are both sacrifices and criteria to be met. You must sacrifice your private life, your intimacy and a part of yourself in order to fulfill the needs of your partner. Having to remove a part of you for the satisfaction of others or to meet certain criteria is ridiculous. One’s own self image is the most basic and fundamental thing and to leave that up to another person does not make much sense.

Commitment and settling down is a key part of a relationship and also the hardest. In fact, it is why many do not end up staying in relationships. Many crave a life of change and excitement, rather than waking up to the same person each day for the rest of their life. Change is vital to humans, and relationships often shun this change, as they come with expectations to remain constant and stable.

Individuality is a necessary part of your existence, and it is often a struggle to find it. When you are in a relationship, it becomes an even greater struggle to find yourself, as you are trying to find where you fit in the world with another person. For this reason, many choose to prioritize working on themselves and striving for self-fulfillment rather than engaging in a relationship.

Despite many who are happily single, society puts pressure on young people and leaves them with two choices: get in a relationship and live a fulfilling life, or don’t and live miserably until the day that they die. This associates a stigma to those that are single, and essentially marks them as miserable or sad, when this is far from the case. This begs the question: are those that are in relationships truly more happy than those that aren’t?

In many cases, relationships lead to heartbreak and regret. While many say it is better to have loved than to never have loved at all, is the lifetime of pain and regret that follows worth the trouble? Breakups are an eventual and looming part in any relationship, and often lead you to doubt yourself. They can cause you to question things in life that you may not have thought to question. The effect of a breakup is a lasting one and often changes your perspective on life, for better or for worse. 

Relationships present an abundance of challenges and hurdles that lead some people to wonder: is it really worth it? In some cases it isn’t, and that’s okay too.