The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, known as FCA, is a student-led club that held its final meeting in May. Open to all NHS students, the club is well-known for its outreach to the community in the mission of spreading the word of Jesus Christ. 

“An average meeting consists of us meeting in the gym and going over our daily sermon with each week’s special guest,” senior Andrew St. Fleur said. 

FCA aims to lead coaches and athletes to a better relationship with Jesus Christ through various service projects and community-building activities. As a welcoming space, FCA is open to any and all students willing to learn and demonstrate commitment. 

“Everyone is welcome to come, and no one is forced to stay,” St. Fleur said. “It is a place where growth in Christ is encouraged.” 

Each week, the club held sermons with guest speakers, often those well educated in the teachings of Christianity.

“The speakers share their own personal experiences in their relationships with God and tell us what they took away from them,” St. Fleur said. “We learn a lot from their testimonies.” 

According to the Southwest Florida FCA website, the club strongly encourages values of “integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence.” By incorporating faith and sports, FCA has run for 65 years and continues to provide various opportunities for student athletes. 

“The basis of this club is built on the Word of God and how it plays into all of our lives. I would strongly encourage anyone interested to join,” St. Fleur said. “The principles being taught will bring out healthy and moral traits.” 

By deriving these attributes from an athletic-focused and spiritual-focused club, students are able to gain a better understanding of Christ alongside their like-minded peers.

“I would highly encourage others to join FCA to learn more about Christianity and their faith,” junior Alejandra Cuellar said. “FCA provides a community within Naples High School that club members can rely on.” 

FCA strives to maintain a safe and welcoming environment. All students are eligible to participate for the 2022-2023 school year. 

“We are all capable of having a relationship with God,” St. Fleur said. “FCA is a perfect source of information in regard to that.”