With spring weather rolling in, the NHS track season has begun. From hurdles and sprints to distance running, track students have a variety of events they can compete in. 

When being a long-distance runner, having the cardiovascular endurance to keep going is crucial. The NHS track coaching staff work hard to create practice plans that will push students to have good stamina along with strength. 

“As a distance runner, we do three distance runs a week, which range from 5-6 miles per run. Two days a week, we train short and fast speed in order to balance out our quick movements with the endurance we need to race for longer sprints,” freshman Emily Schaab said. “We’ve recently been working out in the weightroom to build our strength.”

Motivation is a key factor to becoming successful. No matter the sport, having a team to cheer fellow athletes on, push them past their limits and encourage them even when they feel down is necessary. Having the desire and ambition to keep moving forward is essential for success. 

“Everyone runs to win here,” freshman Jordan Altman said. “We all want to do our best and finish first place. You’ll hear the kids on the sideline all cheering for the runners and encouraging our friends to succeed.”

There is no “I” in team, and the athletes on the track team all show that. While there may be events that focus on individual players, they all are aware of how critical it is to get the practice hours in, as there will always be the chance to learn more.

“Our team is pretty solid on a lot of events, but we could always improve on everything,” freshman Cameron Marzack said. “We believe that even when we may be good at a certain event or have better times in specific races, we are never too good to keep practicing.” 

With two meets already done, the track season is ready to try their best to win the state title. 

“By working harder and staying focused on our goals, everyone can benefit the team and win us that state title,” Schaab said.