Naples High School’s Lady Eagles soccer team matched up against Mariner on Feb. 10 after losing to the team last year in the state semi-finals. 

“The girls were motivated and focused on the challenge of beating Mariner,” Head Coach Adam Weikel said. 

They went into this season equipped with a new atmosphere and different faces.

“I would say the captains played a big role for our team this year. These include Lucy Froitzheim, Elaina Loden and Molly Vickaryous,” Weikel said. 

Being able to already have played them last year, they’ve had a year to prepare for their game against them. Some things went right and some went wrong. 

“Playing them last year gave us insight into how they play, but we focused more on the recent games that they played for game planning,” Weikel said.  

Their spirits never faltered, and they left the game with their heads held high as they looked towards the off-season. 

“We were able to disrupt a lot of their build-up, but eventually they were able to get a goal,” Weikel said. “Once they scored we pushed forward to score, and they got another goal.”