Seacrest Country Day School is hosting a chess tournament May 7 at 1 p.m. NHS students can attend and compete if they sign up. The event held on Sunday will be the final chess tournament of the year.

“As per usual, the tournament format will be a five-round Swiss consisting of ten-minute games with a five-second time increment,” President of Seacrest Country Day School Chess Club Garrett Eisenhuth said.

All experience levels are welcome, and members encourage chess enthusiasts to come out and have a great time no matter their skills. 

“Whether you’re a new player or an advanced player, it doesn’t matter, just come out,” senior and NHS Chess Club member Sam Pomeroy said. “It’s a fun time… there’s a wide range of skill gaps so you don’t have to worry about someone being too good or too bad.”

Players get the experience of playing over the board instead of online. Participants play in a competitive setting and chess clocks are used to keep track of time.

“For the first time, a trophy will be awarded to the 2023 Collier County Chess Champion,” Eisenhuth said.

Students from several schools in Collier County will be attending. Anyone who wants to go still has a chance to attend.

“I’m sure that they would love to have people, and there is an online registration so I would say I encourage you to register and do that,” English teacher and NHS Chess Club sponsor Frederic Laderer said.

If interested in a fun experience and practicing chess skills, sign up with the following link

“I would definitely recommend it because it’s definitely a fun time,” Pomeroy said. “If you can get some of your friends to go participate in it, it’s fun just to be able to play chess against other people and then watch your friends play and to see how you guys do. It’s a great time, and who knows, you might come out with a win.”