There are 1,355 Publixes in the United States, 857 of which are located in Florida alone. There are ten of these supermarkets in Naples, which all offer 20+ services that are sure to meet residents’ needs. 

Some of these services include having an assortment of fresh food. Publix has a deli that is popular because of their sandwiches, prepared meals, specialty cheeses and sliced meats. Equipped with a bakery full of sweets and a seafood selection that is sure to satisfy any pescatarian needs, Publix has options to create a nutritional dinner and a tasty dessert afterwards. 

When going to Publix, you can always count on the kind staff and clean environment. Being that the store’s core value is customer service, the workers are quick to help with a positive attitude. Each aisle is organized for a swift shopping experience and sections have a spread out display, leaving plenty of room to walk through. They even go the extra mile and offer different types of bags that will fit the customers’ liking. 

If preferred, you don’t even have to leave your home to get the needed groceries. Publix lets you shop from anywhere by scheduling a grocery delivery or pickup whenever it works best for you. This service can be a life saver on those few hours before big holiday dinners or events. 

For the people who just need a last-minute stop at the pharmacy, Publix also has its own pharmacy. You can manage your prescriptions from the comfort of your bed or personalized patient care 24/7. 

With all the benefits these services have to offer for its customers, Publix should definitely be your go-to supermarket.