Homecoming is one of the most well-known American traditions followed by a school’s Friday night football game, and it may also be the most exciting thing for a teenage girl. It’s all about the hair, makeup, photos, and the dress. 

Finding the perfect dress is either the easiest or the most dreadful thing, then there is the all-time-fear of wearing the same dress as someone else. 

However, there are multiple styles that no one can go wrong with when planning for homecoming. 

First, the classic strapless dress. It’s a risky choice when it’s time to get down on the dance floor, but there’s also that feeling of having free arms to sprawl around. Lulu’s, an online boutique, is known for its dresses for homecoming, prom, bridesmaid dresses, and more. 

Another dress choice is strappy and flowy. Head over to Princess Polly online and go to the dress section Formal & Prom, there are cute and casual options. One particular dress that is homecoming approved is a silky jade green slip with a tie around the waist. It looks comfortable and wardrobe malfunctions should not occur.  

Lastly, if poofy, sparkles, or just being extra is the go to look zoom on over to Macy’s. There is a black, strappy, fit and flare dress. This dress includes a sweetheart neckline and the bodice is covered with rhinestones. There are many different kinds of puffy, sparkly dresses for your needs.

Homecoming has many perks, spirit week, the football game, getting all dressed up and going to a nice dinner with friends, and of course the dance.