With school finally cracking down on assignments, it may be difficult for students to find time with friends without going out of their way for plans. Sometimes, it may seem even impossible. However, finding a place to hangout is as easy as a five minute walk.

“Lately I’ve been walking to the mall with my friends after school,” junior Stephanie Garcia said. “We can hang out at the food court for hours.”

Some may agree the mall food court is a prime place for an after school snack. Although, others prefer another location to catch a bite. 

“Panera without hesitation,” junior Paco Barrientos said. “It soothes my after school stress with good food.”

While some students agree that food is the only thing on their mind after school, others have a different approach to havivg fun. Junior Zada Zammit states that she prefers a more hands-on experience for her and her friends.

“My friend group and I go to the arcade at least once a week,” Zammit said. “We love the friendly competition.”

Whether students are looking for a bite to eat, or rather a fun time beating their friends in arcade games, making time to unwind and relax is a necessity during the school year.