A new program has recently taken over the classes at Naples High School. Canvas, a substitute for Angel, is new to the school this year and is offered as an easy way for students to find their homework and receive information from teachers.

“None of my classes have used Canvas yet,” senior Aidan Lemarie said. “I think Angel was easier for teachers and students to use.”

Canvas is a new program that allows students to access their courses and groups through any sort of mobile device. It is now being used in many different schools as a means to easily help students become accustomed to their classes.

“I don’t really like Canvas that much,” senior Dante Smith said. “It’s way more confusing than using Angel.”

Angel has been used at Naples High for a long time, and this year was a surprise for returning students. Therefore, many returning students aren’t in favor of it.

“I think Canvas will be good for the school,” senior Ari Guardian said. “No teachers ever posted on Angel so maybe they will on Canvas.”

Hopefully Canvas will be a good addition to Naples High School. The students and teachers are slowly becoming accustomed to it.