It’s fall of 2019, and most students are thinking about pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween. For the class of 2020 however, college applications and improving test scores have become the top of their To-Do lists.

“The whole application process is stressing me out,” senior Kaelen Wood said. “I’m constantly worrying and wondering about getting into my top schools.”

Wood and other seniors like her have turned to the help of tutors to help get an edge on taking ACT/SAT tests.

“What helped my test scores rise was definitely Bailey Test Prep,” senior Sabrina Rodriguez said. “I took a lot of notes at the ACT prep classes and I would definitely recommend for underclassmen to go as well.”

Raising SAT and ACT scores and applying to colleges has shown to be nerve-wracking for several seniors. So here’s the real question: have students already caught senioritis in September?

“Yes, I’m pretty sure I have been suffering from this disease since the first day of school,” senior Taylor Bennett said. “I’ve had to keep retaking the ACT and it has been exhausting.”

Another senioritis victim who is known for running around is finding it hard to stay alert and put down her Takis.

“I like to sit around in class and eat my Takis or sleep,” senior Zoë D’antonio said. “My procrastination is on another level and we’re only about a month into school.”

Senioritis is taking effect rather quickly, and many are frustrated with continuously putting in effort for their futures. So, another question to overcome it: what can remedy senioritis?

“Making the most of your last year is really important,” senior Wood said. “I’ve been enjoying all of my lasts so far, and I know I will look back on some great memories here at NHS.”

Although Taki-eating is D’antonio’s new favorite thing to do, she also will cherish some memories and try to make the most of her year.

“Cherish every moment because it goes by fast,” senior D’antonio said. “I will definitely miss Friday night football games, running cross country and track, and some amazing teachers and friends.”

To stave off senioritis as long as possible, some seniors recommend writing down memorable events and good days to have a reminder that making lasting memories and striving for success is important to having a great last year at NHS.