As fall comes around the corner, all the tech-savvy people are getting excited about the release of the new iPhone 11. However, some may be left wondering if it’s really worth it. 

“This is definitely Apple’s fastest functioning phone along with many other qualities that no other device has,” Apple Genius James Newman said. “The 11 has 100 percent focus pixels that enables a new feature called night mode that allows you to take pictures in low-lighting conditions.”

The new iPhone 11 has many new features that no previous iPhone has had, however, it can get a bit pricey especially if the customer’s current phone is already in great condition.

“I really like the design of it, but my phone works fine right now and it’s a newer version, so I don’t want to spend $1,000 on a brand new iPhone,” sophomore Emily Wuerful said. 

The new 11 costs roughly $699-1,099 and many are wondering if it is a good deal because of the advantages the iPhone 11 has.

“I think it’s an appropriate cost since it does so much more than any other iPhone,” sophomore Jordan Takerian said. “They just keep getting more and more advanced as time goes by, and I’m really liking the color options.” 

Not only are there new colors including lilac purple, white, yellow, and mint green, but there are also now 3 cameras to get the perfect picture. 

“My iPhone works good right now but my back camera is so bad,” senior Kaelen Wood said. “I’m definitely going to get a new 11 just because of how good the camera quality is.” 

The new iPhone released on Sept. 20. and Apple stores have limited stock.