Naples, a place where shorts and tank tops are worn ten out of twelve months of the year.

The lack of seasonal variety may hold people back from the real fall attire experience. Everyone has their preference of summer, fall, winter or spring, but fashion lovers’ favorite time of the year is when booties and faux fur coats are acceptable to wear. 

Having to compromise fashion sense is nothing foreign for Floridians who want to enjoy the fall look. Instead of jeans and booties, leggings may be worn with lightweight sweaters, with some even resorting to a skirt and booties.

“My go to Floridia fall look would have to be boyfriend jeans and a light weight sweater, but I love just being able to wear a sweatshirt and shorts and not burn up,” Holly Mulian stated.

It may be true that Floridians wear bathing suits 24/7, but who doesn’t love crisp air and pumpkin spice everything? Being able to match an outfit with the season helps pull together the season feel.

“Even though it gets cold for a minute in Naples, I still try to wear sweaters and leggings as much as I can because I know when April comes there is no way you will catch me in a sweatshirt,” senior Aubery Porter said.

Living where others vacation has pros and cons, but being able to get a tan year round is a great debate for Floridians. 

Finding the right material sweaters and lightweight jackets is important for people who want a slice of fall living in Florida. You don’t want to melt like a snowman!