Recently, kids from Naples High School were able to attend the popular music festival Tortuga. The festival occurred through April 12 and 14.

“I had a blast,” senior Owen James said. “We were just chilling and living life on a beach listening to famous artists sing country music; it was awesome.”

Several other Naples students also attended the event.

“Tortuga was really fun,” senior Ryan Stahlman said. “I went with some of my friends and we all stayed and attended the festival together”.

Tickets for the event varied as their availability changed which caused the prices to fluctuate.

“My buddy hooked me up with a ticket for about $200,” James said. “I guess tickets were sold somewhere around $275.”

With Tortuga being so popular among students at Naples High, many wondered what made the event so popular this year.

“I think Tortuga was popular this year because there were a lot of good artists who really put on a show,” junior Todd Fitzick said.