Sometimes choosing a restaurant can be hard especially if you want to try somewhere new. In Naples there are plenty of options of dining around ranging from fancy, to fast food, to also just casual.

Some students share their favorite restaurants hoping to help give ideas out to the public of good places to try.

“My favorite restaurant in Naples would have to be Season 52,” sophomore Ashley Suarez stated.

Season 52 has a wide variety of foods and also changes their menu seasonally which is unusual compared to many restaurants around. This could be a great place to try dining as it is unique and also said to have very great food.

“My favorite dishes are Lemon ricotta ravioli and tomato bisque,” Suarez said.

Those are some examples of dishes you can get at season 52 that are a student favorite and said to be highly recommended.

“The restaurant Low Brow is very good and def my favorite,” a sophmore stated.

This is an example of a more casual place around naples that is a student favorite. They are said to be have extremely good pizza. Its located near bayshore being not too far of a distance which makes it an easy place to go get a quick pizza with your friends or family.  

“I really love the restaurant Namba,” Preston Messino a sophomore said.

Said to be a more traditional and also a unique restaurante would have to be a place called Namba.

This is a student favorite not only by one but by many. It is an asian restaurant that serves ramen and sushi. It is known for its extremely amazing ramen for example beef ramen and amazingly made sushi.