The annual Coachella music festival occurred during the weekends of April 14-23 in Indo, California. Headliners for this year’s outdoor concerts included artists such as BLACKPINK, Band Bunny and Frank Ocean. The live musical performances from a variety of big names garners a large amount of media attention and the attendance of many celebrities. The festival allows attendees to experiment with fashion in a way that would not be typical under normal circumstances. In spite of there being numerous captivating outfits worn to the event, the subsequent looks were the ones that I felt most worth mentioning.

Emma Chamberlain in Denim

Social media star Emma Chamberlain wore a strapless denim minidress, reminiscent of the 90s and early 2000s fashion trend. This aspect of the outfit makes sense considering the resurgence of Y2K pieces, which I am sure were very apparent at the music festival. Although no one can pull off a jean ensemble like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, Chamberlain shined in her Coachella style. The way her and her stylist integrated the red lip throughout the outfit was a brilliant move. The Youtuber-turned podcaster also wore the hue in her edgy platform shoes and on a patch stitched to the material. The color coordination gave the look a pop of color that was completely necessary with the use of such a bulky fabric. The influencer’s thin sunglasses and black choker added to the throwback theme. The outfit would not have been complete without the bright white socks and fastened bag, making inventive statement pieces.

Hailey Bieber in the Basic Essentials

Supermodel Hailey Bieber wore another deemed ‘anti-Coachella’ look at the Californian music festival. The phrase is meant to be directed towards an outfit that is seemingly effortless when compared to other clothing items worn by attendees. Bieber wore light washed baggy jeans, a white cropped tank top and a chunky black belt. I can admire the simplicity of the outfit, but that does not mitigate from the fact that the look was underwhelming. Music festival attire typically consists of bohemian styles and outrageous accessories, but this unofficial dress code has slowly declined. Celebrities like Bieber and Kendall Jenner opted for a more casual approach with clothes that I could see them wearing to a supermarket. Although I cannot deny the versatility of streetwear, I do not think the trend belongs at Coachella. 

Emma Roberts in Prada

Actress Emma Roberts wore a dainty Prada slip dress to one day of Coachella 2023. The detailing on the cloth is absolutely stunning. I was obsessed with the lace detailing at the skirt of the dress as well as in her midsection and straps. The sheerness of her outfit was not only an amazing fashion choice, but I am sure also served as a way to stay cool in the desert heat. Her bleach blonde hair complemented the softness of the dress, matching the aesthetic perfectly. The young mom also wore pink pastel sunnies, a beaded necklace and woven bracelets that definitely channeled the playful vibe of the concert scene. The addition of clear 80s jelly shoes was undeniably a bold move; however, I believe this decision paid off in the end. The sandals kept the attention focused on the rest of the outfit while acting as a subtle statement piece themselves. With celebrities like Roberts bringing these controversial shoes back, I hope to see a fast resurgence.