The movie Escape Room was released on Jan. 4, on a Friday night in any movie theater in any across America. After the watching the movie we shared our experiences and opinions on the “Escape room”.

“It was a really good movie, there was a lot of suspense throughout the movie,” Jenny Hernandez said. “I do think others should watch this movie, it’s something I would recommend and I really enjoyed it”.

This thriller movie really does make a good example of giving the audience an eerie feeling.This movie will have you concentrated and not wanting to get up for just about anything. Not wanting to miss a thing.

Even though the movie was really good to the rest of the interviewed, Maldonado thought that maybe they could of added a few things and be better.

“This movie could’ve been better if it was more of a horror type of movie. There could be more effects and more mysterious,” said Tania Maldonado. “It has different interesting scenes like the rooms that they go into and how they have to solve something to get out.”

Although despite her concerns about the things they could of added she enjoyed the movie.

The scenes itself really did catch the attention of the viewers, leaving a tense feeling throughout the audience as not a single sound was made during the quiet parts of the movie.

“There was this one part in the movie that made me feel so much anxiety because it was just so much tension especially not knowing the next thing that was going to happen,” Brian Resendiz said. “I think it was a really good movie, and did a really good job especially the actors.”

The movie was amazing, you have to give credit to the actors for doing such an amazing job for putting emotion to the scenes and also to the director. Making a really great movie takes time and also portrays on how you work well with it.