The Naples High School media center is currently under construction in order to modernize and enhance the layout of the room. Beginning a week before Aug. 10, the building process of a new circulation desk began. This renovation plan has been in the works for years, and students will finally have the opportunity to see the impact of it.

“The circulation desk will be more central, so we will be more available and visible to students,” Media Specialist Melissa Sexton said. “Once the circulation desk is complete, the old desk will be transformed into a tech support area that will include a space for student printing.”

Despite the renovation dust, students and staff have been not deterred from visiting. Sexton and Media Assistant Julie Hayford only request that visitors stay on the right side of the media center when entering to avoid the building materials. Students still have the ability to check out books and study in the room if permitted to do so.

“The media center construction hasn’t affected me much since the construction isn’t going on during class time,” junior Mary McMullin said. “I’m able to work peacefully in the library without much noise going on.”

Although the final construction date is still unknown, students can be assured that the final product will be well worth the wait. The quality of each visit will be improved as the design was created to resolve the issues that came to the media specialists’ attention.

“The media center will be much more functional, and we will be able to assist more students in a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment,” Sexton said.

The building of the circulation desk is not the only renovation that has occurred in the media center this past month. Alterations to the large bookshelves, adjustments to a study desk, and the early removal of an old salmon color are all enhancements that the media center has undergone. The media specialists are hoping to replace the salmon color with a navy blue.

“Even though we’re one of the oldest schools, we still want a pretty face,” Hayford said. “We want it to look good when you come, and we don’t want it to look outdated.”