The Naples High School Club Rush came at last, and resulted in a huge success. Many students came flooding out of their classes during lunchtime on Aug. 24-25 to sign up for their favorite clubs; each contributing to student development and achievement.

“There are approximately 44 clubs this year at Naples High School,” stated activities director Patricia Hendry, “The five most popular ones in recent years have been Muy Alpha Theta, Envirothon, Academic World Quest, Junior Civitan and Junior State of America.”

  Club Rush is the best and most effective way to get into a club. In case you missed it, however, simply find out where the clubs meet and start attending. Despite the purpose behind clubs being to reach out to students in an entertaining manner, there are other reasons why joining a club is great. For instance, it helps you feel more involved and connected with the school. Clubs also give a great opportunity to socialize and meet new people. In addition, being in a club won’t look bad in a college resume. Fortunately, many students are now in a variety of clubs, and Club Rush was a huge facilitator for students to get in.