Cheerleading is definitely not at all like the movies, as many people would think. Not every cheerleader is blonde and ditzy; they are wonderful girls who have hearts full of spirit and always want to make people smile. This year’s varsity cheer captains are Seniors Rachael Castells, Lilly Green, Savanna Glenn, and Anna Dougherty.

   “Cheering has definitely been one of the best parts of high school. Cheering has changed a lot through the years and has improved greatly, but no matter what, I will always love cheering for Naples High,”said Captain Castells.

     As a cheerleader, being able to pump up a crowd of people and support the Naples High School football players can be exciting. Cheering is not just about how well you can tumble or how high you can jump, it’s about your spirit. It is also about always getting better as a cheerleading team and being the best cheerleader.

This past summer, the varsity cheerleaders went to UCA cheer camp, which is a camp specifically made for high school cheerleaders. The cheerleaders learn and practice brand new routines and cheers they can use at on and off the field.

    “It’s an honor to be the head cheerleading coach at NHS, Our NHS cheerleaders are such hard workers whose smiles brights up the whole room and makes the crowd get hyped up,” said coach Castells.

      The camp has been going on for 40 years and NHS cheerleaders are camp regulars.This year NHS won The Banana, which is an inflatable fruit given to the most spirited school.