With Halloween right around the corner, many students are starting to prepare for the one night of endless candy. Make this year the best by decorating the inside and outside of your house with DIY crafts. Of course, everyone’s favorite activity is carving pumpkins, but this year step outside the box and try something new.

    “I’ve always loved to draw different faces on plastic milk jugs and put reusable tea lights in them,” shares senior Keagan Giblin. “Once I’m done with that, I line them up down the driveway.” She hopes to have the most creative house on the block this halloween.

    This can easily be replicated by cutting a hole in the bottom of the jug and using a black sharpie to make a face. Milk jugs are common household items that can be simple to collect, just make sure to rinse them out before use. However, a smaller and  indoor version can be made by cutting an “x” in the bottom of the decorated ping pong ball and placing it over the tea light.

    Another creative and cheap way to improve halloween is to add a few pairs of ominous eyes popping out of the bushes. Guests will surely be frightened as they walk up. These creepy monster eyes can be made out of empty toilet paper rolls and different color glow sticks. Just cut out different types of eyes to give the illusion that someone is watching.

    A dead man’s hand can emerge from the ground with just a few simple tools. A stick, scissors, masking tape, and glow sticks. Place the stick on either the right or left hand, then start wrapping the masking tape from the mid forearm all the way to the tip of the fingers. Next, take the scissors to cut along where the stick is and carefully remove the hand and fingers. Patching up the hand is simple with a few pieces of tape where the cut was made. Now, the glowstick should be placed in the the hand and the the stick used before should give it some support from falling over.

    It is not always necessary to spend an excessive amount of money on halloween decorations every year. Any one of the decorations above can be made at home for a cheaper price than what can be bought in stores. It might just be surprising what kind of inspiration for decorations can be found around the house.