Student government decided the Golden Girls will receive the quarter one club grant. The decision was made on October 5th.

SGA does many things behind the scenes besides just organizing pep rallies and fundraisers. SGA’s core purpose is to help the student body have a voice and improve their daily lives in school. One such improvement is through club grants.

The Golden Girls is a club of individuals who focus on building and displaying school spirit. They create signs, banners, and brainstorm ideas and events for school pep rallies.

Each quarter SGA and the financial committee, headed by Ms.Swingley, come to a joint decision on which club will obtain the grant. The Golden Girls club was the only club who submitted an application for the grant since the window for submitting applications was a few days prior to hurricane Irma and ended while school was still out of session.

“We hope the grant will allow the club to take on more daunting projects or finish a current project they previously didn’t have the resources to,” said President of SGA Giancarlo Ospina.

Any club can obtain a grant from SGA. This is done by filing a grant request with the financial committee.Since school is back in full swing clubs can plan to apply for a chance to win the 2nd quarter grant.