Halls were almost impassable as students gathered around tables set up with colorful boards and props. The annual club rush usually draws quite the crowd, and this year’s rush was no exception.

There were 28 clubs with display tables and a total of 46 clubs available to join this year. There are expected to be more clubs as they obtain teacher sponsors.

There was a large turnout, with many kids surrounding the tables wanting to sign up. There were many different types of clubs for students to join, including academic, sports, and community service, among others.

Whether students are into athletics, academics, volunteering, or other pursuits, there is something for everyone.

Examples of some of the more popular clubs include Key Club, Interact, Habitat for Humanity, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and JSA (Junior State of America).

This year JSA had 124 total students sign up, and they will be going to three different conventions this year: Congress in Washington, Fall State in Sunrise, and Spring State in Ohio.

“We debate on pressing political events, such as last year Trump vs Hillary Clinton,” JSA President Jackson Lambers explained.

Clubs can offer a variety of advantages for students. Whether that means meeting new people, to participating in community service, or getting involved with the school, or to finding other students with the same passions; clubs are a great outlet for all students.

“They get people involved and allow people to partake in things that interest them,” senior Colin Williams stated.

Some clubs are focused on school activities, while others are focused on community service, and academics outside school.

“If a student has the desire to make a difference outside of school, then joining a service club will prove beneficial,” junior Eva Cardeso explained. “Clubs let us volunteer in the community and donate to organizations.”