During recent months, students have been parking at the mall and receiving tickets or warnings. The school has been using multiple ways to send the message of not parking there to the students, but some still park there.

“Once a semester we get a complaint on students parking there,” assistant principal Stanley Bryant said.

One way to avoid a parking violation is parking in the school student parking lot, where it is approved to park. If there’s no room there or a pass isn’t available, an alternative way is parking at a friend’s house.

“Some businesses that are close by will rent out their parking spaces to students,” Bryant continued. “A nearby place where it is approved to park your car”

If none of these options work, then the best option would be to use the school’s public bus transportation or drive with someone who will take you to school and back.

“If I had a job nearby that would allow me to park there then I would,” sophomore student Alonso Ponce said.

Parking at a job site, if it is close by, is a good alternative if they allow to park there. These are different options to do when there isn’t a school parking space available. Instead of receiving a ticket or warning at the mall.