The Teen Trendsetters of Naples High School visited Seagate Elementary School on Nov. 2 to read with second graders.

Once they arrived, the reading mentors were each assigned a child to read to. The children were escorted from their classrooms and filled the corridors of Seagate Elementary School. 

“I think for the little kids, it helps give them a positive role model and help the kids become better readers,” senior Sevin Brown stated. “With me, I think the program has helped me learn to teach, which is the main reason I’m in Teen Trendsetters.”

Watching the trendsetters in action, it’s obvious how helpful the mentor readership program is developing the young students’ reading skills. The mentors give full attention to the children for the full hour every week.

If a child stumbled upon an unfamiliar word, a mentor was there to provide encouragement and support. Having someone to look up to is essential for improvement.

“I think it’s important to have them process the word themselves,” senior Abigail Samedi said. “It’s not about the kids making a mistake, however it’s about what they can learn from it and from us.”

Mrs. Carol Grace is the teacher in charge of the learning program that reads to elementary school-aged children. Her Intro to Education classes travel to various elementary schools across Collier County.

“The high school students create a great bond with the elementary school mentees,” Grace said. “It’s something they are able to truly share with others when they’re asked about their experience.”