Naples High School is having a Spring Spirit Week on Apr. 16 – 20. This is the first time the school will be doing a spring spirit week, and much like homecoming week, each day with begin with a 5 minute homeroom. 

Once noticeable change to the spring spirit week events is the cancellation of the anticipated powder-puff game. Due to changed dates, miscommunication, and other circumstances it was decided to cancel the event. However, the spirit week raffle will still be taking place next week. 

“We are trying to increase school spirit, trying to get students involved and in the school spirit,” Mrs. Swingley said. “We had a fun time in the fall with homecoming, and we want to do something in the spring to get students fired up again.”

The breakdown of the week’s themed days and corresponding lunch time activities are as follows:

Monday, April. 16: Country Western vs. Country Club; a student can wear American cowboy/cowgirl attire, or Country Club students may wear clubhouse informal attire. At lunch there will be horseshoes in the green space. 

Tuesday, April. 17: Mathlete vs. Athlete; students can wear nerdy attire as a Mathlete, or as an Athlete wearing sporty athletic clothing. To fit the day’s theme there will be giant chess and volleyball in the green space. 

Wednesday, April. 18: Frat vs. Sorority; students can wear Greek life attire. Also showing that students are taking recruitment seriously. Wednesday will also be a renaissance bell schedule.

Thursday, April. 19: Dress up vs. Dress Down; students can wear formal attire, which means dress to impress. Students who are choosing to dress down should wear the total opposite. Thursday there will be popcorn and photo-ops in the green space.

Friday, April. 20: Blue vs Gold; students must represent their own school colors which includes blue and gold. During lunch on Friday there will be popsicles and games throughout the green space. 

“My favorite day is ‘Mathlete vs Athlete’ because you get to see all the nerds pretend their athletes and all the athletes pretend their nerds,” Darius Bradley said.

Supporting school spirit is a great way for Naples High School students to participate more in school events. Especially students can show school spirit just by following the days and be creative and fun with their own outfits. Throughout the week there will also be activities which provides each day and it could help raise school spirit.