There are many ways to support children with disabilities or illnesses. For example, the Naples boys’ lacrosse team has been wearing gold shoe laces to support pediatric cancer all season, as well as making a donation toward children with pediatric cancer.

Coach Jamie Stoddard had the brilliant idea to wear gold shoelaces to support kids with cancer.

“It’s always good to give back and nobody, let alone a child, should have to endure the horrors of cancer,” Stoddard stated. “I give whenever and wherever I can.”

Stoddard got the idea, in part, from the Go 4 the Goal foundation and their work toward raising money for pediatric cancer.  

As mentioned on Go 4 the Goal website, 100% of the revenue of sold shoelaces goes toward children with cancer and their families.

“I think it’s a really great thing we are participating in because we are playing for the kids that aren’t as fortunate to,” senior captain Hunter Thornhill said. “We always want to give back especially with the use of the sport that has given us so much.” 

This cancer affects children under the age of twenty all throughout the world with over 250,000 cases affecting children and young adults every year.

Sadly, this cancer is not made up of just one disease, it’s made up of twelve different types of diseases and more than one-hundred subtypes.

Since pediatric cancer is developed at a young age, even with treatment many of those affected are likely to have health problems around later in life.