With the year coming to an end, there are still a lot of activities happening in the media center that students can partake in.

If students have recently visited the media center, they may have noticed some of the activities around for students to entertain themselves. Students are more than welcome to try any activities the media center has to offer, as long as they clean up after themselves.

“We try to incorporate STEAM activities that students don’t get a chance to do in the classroom,” media specialist Rebecca Endrelunas stated. “Like puzzles, chess boards, circuits, and the Ozzo Bot Robots.”

The media center billboard has also been decorated for this season’s theme. A new jungle theme has been added to the media center for the Little Eagles’ reading center. Additionally, a new display case background design has also been added outside the media center, with the help of the Naples High School’s art club.

“I was very happy how the project turned out,” art club member Lauren Dyer stated. “I think the Little Eagles will really enjoy their little reading nook.”

The media center will also be closing after school due to testing on some days. There will be a closed sign on the media center’s front doors when testing is occurring.

“Anytime we are closed for testing, whether it’s the first half of the day or the last half of the day, after school students will see signs posted,” media specialist Julie Hayford stated.