In Naples High, and in many other high schools in the state of Florida, students took the PERT to further their high school education. PERT, or Postsecondary Education Readiness Test, is an adaptive test used to measure a student’s readiness for college level courses.

On Nov. 20-21, select students at NHS participated in the PERT.

According to sophomore Connor Caudill, PERT is helping students get the necessary test scores needed to move onto college. With a lower fail rate and an easier overall exam, PERT can be used in place of the FSA for the students who have trouble with normal state testing. Caudill recommends PERT for students who need extra help.

“If they have trouble with the state tests or FSA or whatever, it would be easier for them and they can do that to graduate,” Caudill said.

NHS curriculum director, Joe Manento, says that PERT is a good opportunity as it helps unveil students’ areas of strength and weaknesses.

“It gives them another opportunity to show off their math skills or their skills so that they have the ability to move forward,” Manento said.

According to Manento, PERT will also help students gain skills they will need to graduate and set the standard of where they are academically.

NHS testing coordinator Laura Nash says PERT testing helps students’ placement and can aid them in finding help in certain subjects, and discover what level classes would suit them most.

“It identifies uniquely where you are, whether it’s Language Arts or English or Math… kind of unique to each person,” Nash said.

PERT testing is a useful tool beyond first glance. PERT can also be used to enter Dual Enrollment. 

“PERT helps others figure out what they need to know for future tests they take,” Tylar Byndom said.

It is helping students by testing on different types of skills and is easier. Byndom suggests taking PERT saying it is a useful resource and more students should take it.