Naples NAF participants presented a PowerPoint in the auditorium on Friday, Nov. 9 about their on job training internships. 

The National Academy Foundation wants to ignite students’ passion for learning by allowing them to take part in engineering internships with local businesses.

“It was a really good experience I got to find out about the engineering field and how exactly it is run,” senior Corey Metture said. “ We got to use programs like AutoCAD and Sketchup to design houses.”

The foundation requires students to take two engineering classes to be considered in the program, and if the student gets accepted to an internship they must present a PowerPoint in front of all the other NAF candidates about their experience.

“Anybody can participate in this program as long as they are in some type of engineering class,” engineering teacher Cliff Geer said. “ It’s a great way for students to get out there and get real world experience.”

NAF sets the foundation for rising students who are interested in a engineering career by immersing them in mock interviews, after school programs, and an internship with a business.